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Applicants who meet the "non-resident" student requirements may also apply for the allocation of an accommodation place at the following university residences, where available:

  • L’Orientale University Residence, Via Brin no. 65/c, Naples; 
  • Parthenope University Residence, Via G. Ferraris no. 273, Naples; 
  • Flavio University Residence, Via Rosini no. 12, Pozzuoli (NA); 
  • University residence in the Campus of Fisciano (SA) Lot I, via G.B. Vico; 
  • University residence in the Campus of Fisciano (SA) Lot II, via Mariscoli;
  • University residence in Baronissi (SA), via Aldo Moro; 
  • University residence in Via San Pasquale in Benevento. 

When submitting the online application, the applicant may indicate a preference, without this constituting any right, for: 

  • the type of room; 
  • the host facility.

Foreign students are considered "non-resident" regardless of their residence in Italy, except in cases where the student's household resides in Italy. In the latter case, a foreign student will be designated "resident," "commuter" or "non-resident" based on the same criteria applied to Italian students. 

For more information, see the call for applications.


The monthly cost of university accommodation can vary from €160 to €260. The cost of accommodation is inclusive of utilities, cleaning service and weekly linen change. Direct payment of monthly fees is provided in cases where it is not possible to withhold the cost from the amount of the scholarship.

Extra call accommodation places 

If you have not submitted an application for accommodation during the scholarship application, you can request to use extra call accommodation, where available. Priority for the assignment will be given to scholarship recipients who have applied for accommodation in the first instance. You can apply for extra call accommodation in the dedicated form within online services. A notice will be posted on this site when you can apply.